किसान बाजार - (Farmer's Market) "धमतरी छत्तीसगढ़"

Created Jul 03 2018, 3:34 PM by Dr C.R. Prasanna
  • Agriculture and Allied Sector

Name of Best Practice:     “KISAAN BAZAR”

 (Farmer’s Market)

District/Department of implementation: Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh

Implementing agency:    District Administration

Sector(s):     Agricultural Marketing

Year of launch: April 2017

  1. Background: The marketing system for vegetables and fruits as on date is through intermediaries. Large numbers of small farmers are unable to effectively bargain for better price in wholesale market. Direct marketing is a long felt need of the farmers and consumers, as it ensures higher remuneration to the farmers and affordable price for the consumers. Direct marketing of agricultural produce helps in complete elimination of intermediaries/middle men and commission agents who charge high level of commission fee from the agriculturists/farmers.


  1. Intervention: “Kisaan Bazar” is an initiative by Dhamtari district administration, to facilitate direct marketing of farm produce by farmers themselves and to provide direct interface between farmers and consumers thereby eliminating intermidiaries/middle men in the trade.
  1. Approach adopted:
  • Identification of farmers: Applications are invited from farmers willing to be a part of Kisaan Bazar. A team constituted with Patwari,RHEO and RAEO which should visit the village, inspect the fields and verify the farmers. Based on the certification made by the team, identity cards are to be issued to the farmers in which photo of farmer and his two nominees with the particulars of the farmer, survey no, extent of the land owned by him, vegetables grown and expected quantity of produce are mentioned. Farmers reporting at the Kisaan Bazar every morning are verified with the ID card and the nature of produce and are issued tokens.
  • Allotment of Stalls: stalls are to be allotted to the farmers on first come first serve basis daily. The farmers are not allowed to occupy the stalls permanently. In case of more farmers are to be allotted stalls, lottery system-developed by dedicated software will be followed. No fee is to be collected for stall allotment.
  • Price Fixation: The price of the vegetables and fruits to be sold in the Kisaan Bazar will be fixed by a committee of members formed by the district administration. The price will be the MRP in Kisaan Bazar for next 24 hrs. The MRP, shall be fixed by committee will generally be 20% higher than the wholesale price and 15% less than the retail price of the town.
  • Supply of weighing scales: The farmers are supplied properly calibrated weighing scales with weights free of cost for selling their produce. Proper registers is being maintained during issuing and submission of weighing scales by the farmers.

Salient features of Kisaan Bazar:

  • Kisaan bazaar acts as price stabilization centre and operate within purview of the agriculture market committee.
  • Farmers growing vegetables within 5 KM radius of Dhamtari town are selected.
  • Apart from parking facility, consumers are provided with public mservices like drinking water, toilet and canteen.
  • Cleaning an drainage works are conducted by the Municipal Corporation,

    From the day of operation on an average 2 Metric Tonnes of vegetables are sold every day through 45-50 farmers, catering about 300 consumers daily.

  • Through Kisaan Bazaar, fresh seasonal vegetables are provided to the customers at reasonable price by the farmers, thereby eliminating middlemen and benefitting farmers (who sell vegetables more than wholesale price) and consumers (who get vegetables less than retail price) creating win-win situation for both.
  • Kisaan Bazar is acting as a hub for different activities related to farming, farm families, etc.
  • Kisaan bazaar is also helping in price stabilization in other vegetable market in district; a drastic change in vegetable price has been seen in retail market of district dhamtari.