Bridging Economic Imbalance through Science &Technology Intervention

Created Sep 03 2018, 3:59 PM by Collector and District Magistrate Nabarangpur
  • Agriculture and Allied Sector

Nabarangpur is a tribal dominated district of Odisha consisting of 894 revenue Villages where more than 12,20,946 population live in both rural and urban areas. The major source of livelihood of almost 80% population in the district is agriculture and forest. Everyday large numbers of rural people go to the nearby towns in search of employment. Access to technology is a major challenge for rural people. Technological intervention is considered as a way of solving various developmental issues but still large numbers of community or people are not familiar with new technology. No doubt technology reduces energy, expenditure, time and in turn it helps to enhance efficiency, productivity, quality of products etc., the technological intervention mainly focuses on efficiency improvement and overall sustainable development of the people at large.