Best practice for the Welfare of Differently Abled Person in Ramanathapuram District

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  1. Fact sheet:


Place of implementation :Ramanathapuram District, Tamilnadu.

Implementing agency :District Collectorate, Ramanathapuram.

Sector :Differently Abled Welfare

Year of launch:2016 -2018


  1. Background             :




  • District Administration has taken a special initiative for the welfare of mentally challenged persons in the District. The persons are rescued under RESCUE SCHEME and are admitted in the Government Home for Mentally challenged situated in Erwadi.


  • Rameswaram is one of the holistic places in India situated in Ramanathapuram District. People who come for devotional purposes, leave alone the mentally challenged persons around the temple area. The left persons are living in the street side without shelter and food. These persons are found and rescued under the rescue scheme by the district administration and they are accommodated in the Govt. home for Mentally challenged situated in Erwadi. Presently 50 persons have been accommodated in the home for the rehabilitation and vocational training.


  • Vocational Rehabilitation like paper art, basket making are also provided along with treatment, medicines, food and cloths.
  • By celebrating the major functions with mentally challenged persons, make them feeling to be with their relatives. 


  1. Details of the initiative/project : -




  • Immediate steps were taken by the District Administration to issue Physically Handicapped Pension (PHP) for 40% and above affected DAPS as per the order issued by the State Government. Door to door survey and collecting the applications through Mahalirthittam&PudhuVazhvuThittam in every village of the district and VAO, RI &Tahsildars are  verified and scrutinized 4545 persons were found eligible for availing the benefit. Orders were immediately issued to them at their doorstep for the total value of Rs.5,45,40,000.




  • As a new initiative, a MOBILE APP named DAPWEL has been introduced for the use of Differently Abled Persons first time in the State to minimize the difficulties of persons to approach offices for getting benefits under various schemes implemented by Central & State Governments.


  • Providing various services to the Cerebral Palsy with mentally retarded children in the age group of 0 to 6 through Mobile Therapy Unit. The services include Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and other assistive devices for the children. Services provided at their doorstep is the highlight of this scheme. So far 215 camps were conducted and 1300 children have been benefitted under this scheme.


  • Studying or working or self employed persons affected with both legs and hands are good enough to drive the vehicle are eligible and benefitted under this scheme. 70 persons have benefited in the last two years.



  • A Special Grievance Redressal meeting for Differently Abled persons is being conducted every month.


During the last month grievance day meeting conducted on 8th February-2018, 234 applications were received, asking for various benefits. The applications were sorted out and sent to concerned department and banks. Those were under process and District Differently Abled Welfare Office is following that benefits to reach out the beneficiaries.




  1. National Identity Cards for DAPs

So far 27,800 National ID cards have been issued to DAPs in the District till January 2018.


  1. Monthly Maintenance Allowance Scheme

Disability of 40% and above persons affected with Mental Retardation, Severely Disabled, Muscular Dystrophy and Leprosy Cured are being benefitted under this scheme as monthly Allowance of Rs.1500/-.

So far 4283 persons have benefitted under this scheme for the amount of Rs. 57743500

Other types of DAPs are benefitted through Revenue Department as monthly Allowance of Rs.1000/-.


  1. Specially designed wheel chair for Spinal Cord affected persons

Persons with spinal cord affected due to accident or disease become paralysed and they need this specially designed wheel chair for making them ease of shifting from one place to another place and to move around.

So far 30 persons have benefitted under this scheme for the amount of Rs.600000.


  1. Motorized Sewing Machine

Persons with Locomotor disability and Hearing impaired applying with tailoring certificate are benefitted under this scheme. So far 100 persons have benefitted under this scheme for the amount of Rs.400000.


  1. Marriage Assistance to DAPs

DAPs marrying DAPs or DAPs marrying normal persons are getting benefits under this scheme. Amount of Rs.25000 to Rs.50000 with 8 gram of Gold are the benefits based on the eligibility criteria. So far 14 persons have benefitted under this scheme for the amount of Rs.550000 with 8 gram of gold coins.





  1. Modular Artificial Limb

Studying or working or self employed persons those have lost their limbs due to accident or disesase benefitted under this scheme. The modular limb provided are high in strenth for durability and light in weight. So far 24 persons have benefitted under this scheme for the amount of Rs.468320.


  1. Bank Loan for self employment

To make DAPs earning on their own, bank loans are provided upto Rs.50000/- with the subsidy of Rs.10000/- for running a petti shop or other micro level business. So far 85 persons have benefitted under this scheme for the amount of Rs.855000.


  1. Scholarship for DAP students

School or College studying students are getting benefis under this scheme. Amount of Rs.1000 to 7000 per annum being paid depending on the standard of study. So far 572 persons have benefitted under this scheme for the amount of Rs.1602000.

               9.Aids and Aplliances

Other aids and appliances like Calipers, Wheel chairs, Tricycles, Hearing Aids, Reflective folding sticks, Goggles are being provided to the needy persons.


  1. Impact  :-


  • The initiatives of Mobile App and Vocational training for DAPs have made an impressive impact on the benefits of applying online for various schemes and  the Mentally Ill persons are also having different kind of abilities and it has made them to do a work and earn on their own.


  • 40 percent disability and above were included in providing PHP as soon as the GO issued by the State Government. DAPs are now able to directly apply for ID card and other scheme benefits through the Mobile app and the aim is to minimize their travel all the way from interior villages to headquarters.


  • 12087 DAPs have benefitted through other departments like Revenue, Health, Co operative, District Industries Center, THADCO, PO DRDA, Pudhuvaazhvu Project, MahalirThittam and SSA for the total value of Rs.6,28,20,359.


  1. Key Takeaways:-


  • Reaching the unreached by house visit.
  • Mobile App and Software ( Automation of DDAWO)
  • Rehabilitation of Mentally Ill persons by giving them Vocational training like paper art, basket making  for the DAPs having 40% to 60% disability.
  • 222 Wheel Chairs distributed to the needy person after 2016 assembly election.
  • Local Level Committee was not functioning for the past 10 years in the District and by the effort of District Collector, functioning of Local level committee has been initiated and applications are being received for Legal guardianship, etc.
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  • Rescue Scheme :-




  • Vocational Training like paper art and basket making :-





District Collector Dr.S.Natarajan sending offMr.Veeresh, to Raichure, Karnataka state after treatingmentaliyretardnessat Erwadi Mental Health & Rehabilitation centre on 28.02.2018


G) Contact: name of the team of Officer who is implementing the initiative and contact number.


Name of the team of Officer :  Dr.S.Natarajan.,IAS,

                                                 District Collector, Ramanathapuram.


Contact Number                 :  04567-231220